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Last week I was given the greenlight to go ahead and ride.So I went ahead and entered the National.I decided to help Rescue 3 and just ride as a sweep/rescue rider.I was able to help a few riders and findout just how well my body felt riding.Everything went well and I finished the race as 5th expert so still a good points day and it felt great riding again.Next race is the National in Jericho Utah next week.


just checking back in.healing process is going well.I go to the nuerologist on the 19th and go from there.I hope to be back able to race in time for the Utah National on May 5th.I`m leading the desert points right now by about 350 points and am tied for 2nd in National points with a 1 race throwout for the season.:)


Okay so it turns out that I fractured my C6,C7,T1 and a few ribs but will be okay soon.

HBMC race

Had a great race yesterday and took first overall quad.But at todays race a different outcome.Me and another guy were racing for the lead when right after the bomb we both hit a huge ditch causing us both to crash.I think he got a brocken collarbone and I`m pretty beat up.I will be going to the hospital tomorrow to get checked out.:(

Prarie Dogs GP

I finished 8th overall out of 30 at Prarie Dogs GP at Glen Helen.

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My next race is March 10th & 1th  HBMC Dual Euro Scrambles  Johnson Valley

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